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Sunday, 8 February 2015


Hi, and welcome to Get Into Woodworking.

If you want to try woodworking, or have started but would like some basic instruction, then my "Get Into Woodworking" YouTube channel is a great place to begin.

I've been making furniture for over a decade, and hosting "WOmadeOD - Made in Wood with Mitch Peacock" on YouTube since the summer of 2013, where I've posted well over two hundred videos on woodworking. However, some of my subscribers asked if I could make some instructional videos to cover the basics of woodworking - a foundation, if you like, upon which to enjoy the plethora of woodworking videos and sites on the internet, and to develop more advanced woodworking skills. The "Get Into Woodworking" channel is the result, and this blog is a companion resource.

Videos are great, but sometimes the written word and still pictures can tell a more thorough story. The channel and the blog can both stand alone, but some of you may find if beneficial to follow both.

Due to time constraints, the two may not always be at the same stage (as I write this, the first video has already been available on YouTube for a few days), but I hope they will never be too far apart.

You are most welcome to subscribe to the blog, and receive notifications of new posts. You may also wish to visit my main website at

Happy woodworking